Sig Other readers are probably familiar with photographer Evan Tetreault’s work (and if you’re not you should acquaint yourself), but unknown to most is that he’s also musically inclined.  Since You is a band that he’s formed with four comrades from Boston and LA. Their debut EP simply titled “I” was released last week quietly but with some well deserved fanfare.

The sound is undoubtedly emo in its roots, (with a name like Since You could it be any other way?), but manages to retain the grime with none of the whine.  Evan describes it as a “darker Toro Y Moi” and I’m not entirely opposed to that comparison, however, on first listen I couldn’t help but hear a deep nostalgia for Death Cab, Postal Service and Oui’s ‘The Sea and Cake”.  Having spent most of my adolescence in the naughts,  I’m very ok with it.

Overall, the EP is consistent throughout with an instrumental piece in the middle that ties everything together. Well paced, well produced — it’s an impressive freshman debut and I’m looking forward to more.

Since You is…
Evan Tetreault
Bailey Lawless
Jack Goodman
Joey Francis

Below is the instrumental, “Blood Indigo” mentioned above, and another highlight, “Lela Bells”. Listen and follow them on soundcloud for the full EP. – M


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