As a driving wheel
Circling around your iron will”
– Beck, Heart Like A Drum

I became “serious” about music somewhere around 1996 when Devil’s Hair Cut reigned supreme. Since then, Beck has gone through many revolutions, all of which I have appreciated but none so much as his latest, Morning Phase.

I am no music critic, so I defer to Rolling Stone’s review of the album, in which Will Hermes adorably attempts to maintain his credibility by not outright declaring it “omg the best fucking album of the year”. It is of course, just that.

Beck has described Morning Phase as “California music” and it plays much like like 2002’s depressadellic Sea Change — but less sad-sack. And despite lyrics like “Looked up this morning, Saw the roses full of thorns” and “What’s the use, Of being found?”, Morning Phase has a latent optimism to it that I have heard described as “a reminder that it feels good to get depressed.”

Happily depressing or not, Phase is nothing if not nostalgic, and that is always a beautiful thing to be on a Sunday.  I’m addicted to the album’s Nick Drake-ian humility and warmth (maybe we need it in this weather?) so much so, that I built this homage in the form of a playlist around my favorite track on the album, Heart Is A Drum.  Consider it an excuse to get too nostalgic this morning and feel good about it — or at least not feel bad about it. – M

// Morning Phase on iTunes


…And Now For Something Completely Nostalgic
(Or open it up over in Spotify)


Header image courtesy marlenefranco.vsco.co


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