I’m just going to cut to the chase: the Isaia SS ’13 collection has no competition. You have probably already come to this conclusion based upon seeing The Making Of, a five chapter photo project commissioned by the brand to document the creation of the collection from inspiration to final product, (shout out to the very talented Justin Chung). While this post is certainly no Making Of, it is here to say that the collection is, in the flesh, as beautifully balanced, conceived and executed as that project would lead you to believe.

This was made clear to me after I visited the Isaia showroom a few weeks ago, an experience that I can only describe as “something akin to how Scrooge McDuck must feel while diving into piles of golden coins”. In other words, it was a menswear jackpot. True to Isaia’s reputation, color is the backbone and driving force in this collection—masterfully executed and brought to live through custom fabrics and impeccable construction. This season, the color stories were inspired by Naples and the surrounding area. Golden yellows, lush greens, terracotta reds and that vibrant aqua hue of the water, a color which is threaded throughout, and ultimately defines the season’s palette.

Below, I’ve tried to capture my favorite moments but I encourage you to see it for yourself when it drops in stores next spring. Many thanks to Agyesh Madan and Brian Cook who so graciously walked me through the collection, humored my spouting of superlatives, and afforded me the most inspired lunch break I’ve had in quite some time. -M


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