As you might have gathered, I recently spent some time in Austin. While I was there for personal reasons, I will admit a potential visit to Stag also made the trip very attractive. Once ranked by GQ as one of the best shops in the country, Stag sets itself apart from many other shops that might top that list because of its location and the clear influence Austin has on the owners, ethos, approach and aesthetic. Through out the shop, suit jackets, ties, and gingham button ups customary to any men shop, are off set by a ruggedness, adventurousness and I’d even say a creativity that some stores fall short of providing. From Elvis Costello records, to beard oil, to an incredible selection of western silver and turquoise jewelery, Stag isn’t a place for your run of the mill #menswear customer. Keith Richards would love this place. And I’m pretty sure James Dean would shop exclusively here. But that doesn’t mean a John F. Kennedy type couldn’t find a thing or two to his liking as well. And just to make sure everyone gets along, beers are provided for all. My kind of place. – M

//location: 1423 S. Congress Ave. in Austin, TX.

  1. RW says:

    Good stop. Pretty sure a friend of mine just became the general manager there.

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