And now for a brief personal interlude: This weekend my good friends, Billy and Lola, were married in Austin, TX. I met them both late one night freshman year of college and over four years our group of friends came to see them as two of the most generous, positive, and wonderful people you could ever meet. Six years later, at the French Ligation Museum (which may be the most picturesque wedding location in the country), we all came together again to celebrate Billy & Lola, re-live old memories, and dance till we couldn’t dance no more. As you might imagine, my buds from college aren’t what you’d call shabby dressers and the early evening light was a photographer’s dream, so taking a bad picture was impossible. (Below are my favorites, see them all on Flickr). To Billy, Lola and all who were there, thank you for one of the most memorable weekends I can remember. – M

The Gents

The Ladies

The Couple

  1. jahn says:

    congrats to the happy couple — and congrats to you for a successful first go at wedding photography. i wouldn’t dare attempt. far too much pressure!

  2. Steve says:

    You snagged two photos of Emmet Duff, Handsomest Man Alive. Congratulations!

  3. Wedding DJs says:

    I must admit that the photos are nice……. you got some skills man……. the couple looking very cute……great job in other snaps too….. carry on. wish you all the best…….

    Wedding DJs

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