Last week Jahn and Kurt of BKLYN DRYGOODS relaunched their new ecomm site and I have to hand it to them; they’ve done an incredible job. It’s the Mr. Porter of vintage menswear sites—that is to say, amongst their competitors, BKLYN DRYGOODS is raising the bar, just ask the fine dudes over at Complex. While the ever growing brand has vintage at its core, lately I’ve also been impressed by Jahn and Kurt’s eye for new items made by fellow BK craftsmen.  Among them is Carlos Aguilera, founder of bow tie company, Necks Tuesday. As the story goes, Carlos was working as a barber at Freeman’s when he started making his own bow ties. The other barbers dug them, the word spread, and before long his handiwork was enough in demand that Necks Tuesday was born. One and a half years after his scissors went from hairs to fabrics, Carlos continues to handcraft bow ties out of his Navy Yard studio, right down the hall from the new BKLYN DRYGOODS space.

This weekend I was lucky enough that Carlos was in his studio while I was visiting Jahn and Kurt, and he allowed me to nose around and take some shots. The space was a rare mixture of Brooklyn craft and Brooklyn cool — the floral covered door to the space opened into a sparse workspace, where Carlos, in beat up Chucks and rad socks, was busy sewing a new order of 25 seersucker bow ties on an OG Singer machine that sported an OG Vans sticker on it. An unexpected and completely enjoyable afternoon. All of it, including the bow ties themselves, captured below. – M

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