My love affair with Mismo is common knowledge. The way a lot of people feel about bacon or Paris or long walks on the beach, is the way I feel about Mismo—unparalleled, irreplaceable and delightful in every respect. After pining for what seemed to be many moons, I finally had the opportunity to discuss the company with it’s co-founder, Adam Alexander Bach. We spoke about the beginnings of Mismo, the current collection and design process, the highlights of which I’ve pulled out below along with a smattering of images taken on a perfect spring Sunday. What struck me the most in speaking to Bach was the name, Mismo: It is a Spanish word rooted in the notion of identity, and it can mean both “identical” and “oneself”. Now that I’ve spent the better part of a weekend with the M/S work bag, I can say Mismo is more than a name: the product itself has a quiet distinction that allows it to stand out on its own, and simultaneously look and feel at home in almost any setting, backdrop, occasion. Quite the perfect companion and I don’t expect to be finding an equal anytime soon.  – M


Behind Mismo with Co-founder, Adam Alexander Bach

On the early days:

I first met my partner, Rikke, in 2003.  She is a men’s tailor by education, and Mismo came about because we both agreed there was a gap in the market for quality menswear bags. Everything started there, but then it took a few years to develop the brand after that. We spent three years finding the right suppliers, and manufacturers —we were so damn picky about everything and wanted from the start for Mismo to be top shelf. And we still do, we just make what we think is the absolute best.  From the construction to the materials—we don’t make any compromises.

On production:

Much of our production happens in Turkey which makes perfect sense – they are close to Denmark and they have a strong history in working with leathers. Currently, we have all of our leathers custom developed in Turkey, which means they are treated and dyed exclusively for us; we use vegetable dyed grain leathers. All of our accessories are made in Italy. The design is of course, done by us here in Denmark.

On the design process:

When we first started we had thoughts about who will take care of what, but now its a mutual thing, we both do everything. It’s her hand that draws the bag and then we discuss everything together, every detail. It is a very much collaborative effort.  As for the inspirations and designs, from the start we wanted to be more on the design side instead of the fashion side, and so inspiration can really come from anywhere.  A lot of our inspiration is from furniture design actually. In Denmark we have a rich heritage of architects and furniture designers—from schools to government buildings, these things are everywhere and so we were very influenced by that. Now those pieces are very expensive, but they are also very much a part of the Danish environment and history.  We are surrounded by water so the nautical themes and color palette is definitely also an important and constant inspiration. With a bag like the Wessel, it was inspired by an old famous Danish Sea Captain, so it has nautical elements to it. The bag is crafted from a lamella construction, as are sailboats. It features several other naval references including the porthole detail at the gusset and the “name plate” fitting on the front face holding the handles.

On the Mismo philosophy:

The whole philosophy is about building instant classics that will last for years in terms of design and durability. Longevity pared with a striking functionality is basically what we’re trying to achieve in all our designs. Thats why we think its crazy to develop two whole new lines twice a year. And people really like that, they like that they can find the bag that they love each season. Things take time. The designs take time. So when we spend so much time developing each bag you should get a lot out of it.







//purchase: Park & Bond, CHCM

//visit: mismo.dk

  1. gntstyle says:

    Very interesting bag!
    I like it a lot!!!

    take care

    Consultant Style Advisor

  2. Common says:

    Love the bag. Beautiful photos

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