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If you speak with han. founder and designer Kimm Mooyeon, you’ll walk away knowing han. is a brand that was founded with meaning. The Los Angeles (via Seoul, South Korea) based label was started in 2009 by Kimm herself, who in her own words believes “beautiful garments inspire the people all over the world”. All of her designs are influenced by modern classics – and that is just what the brand is known for. Using premium Korean and Japanese fabrics, han. collections derive their beauty from their minimal, clean design that let the quality of the materials and construction speak for themselves. After seeing the han. A/W ’12 teaser video (above), I asked Kimm a few questions about what we should expect from the A/W collection. – M

What influenced the aesthetic of this seasons collection?

Nothing in particular, as a matter of fact, I designed our collection for myself . For example, I made the lamb skin classic A-2 jacket because I actually want that jacket.

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty normal person, so If I would like to wear something, most ordinary people will probably want to wear it too, (there are so many ordinary people in the world, more than you think). I want to create fashion that everyone can identify with.

What colors and textures should we expect from han. for A/W 12?

Good question. For the texture, I wanted everything to be SOFT. We used Italian lamb skin for leather jackets and wool for knits. Very soft and strong and the coloring just happened organically.

What one or two pieces would you say are the ‘hero’ pieces of this collection?

In my personal opinion, I would say the A-2 jacket and varsity jacket. And in second – the twisted pattern wool knit sweater and cashmere stripe henley shirt (all below).
A-2 Jacket
Varsity Jacket
Twisted Pattern Wool Knit Sweater
Cashmere Stripe Henley

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