Above: Todd Snyder

If trade shows were beauty pageant contestants, (capsule) would take home the prize for being the most popular, well dressed yet equally smart girl in the room, while PROJECT might win for being the promising and stunning ingenue, (ENK? Well, let’s not go there). After spending a couple days at (capsule) – coverage here – I ventured to over to PROJECT, which for the second season inhabited a stunningly staged two story space on Mercer st.

PROJECT is owned by tradeshow behemoth, MAGIC, but it felt anything but impersonal. Amongst the MAGIC shows, PROJECT is making a name for itself in supporting emerging brands. Most notably, the show reprised the “MADE by PROJECT” initiative – a pop up concept that highlighted artisanal brands that were creating and selling product right on the floor. This year the MADE included brands like Oak Street Bootmakers, Barbour (who were waxing any Barbour for free), dedegumo (who were customizing products right there), Draught Dry Goods, D.S. & Durga and (this wow-ed me), Martin Greenfield‘s staff creating suits literally right before your eyes.

Beyond MADE, the show continued its ongoing relationship with Mr. Wooster, showcasing his line of swim trunks made in collaboration with Orlebar Brown, (water camo has finally found its calling), and hosting a handful of great stand by’s such as Pendleton, Schott NYC, Wolverine, and Individualized Shirts. Oh, and the tequila bar, hot shaves from the Blind Barbour and free beer (made on premises!), were all something to write home about. All in all, PROJECT’s challenge in the next seasons will be to attract a higher caliber of brands, but there’s no denying they know how to put on a great show. – M

Oak Street Bootmakers

Martin Greenfield

Shopping carts were made into installations.

Never seen shopping carts look so pretty.

D.S. & Durga


Draught Dry Goods

Nick Wooster x Orlebar Brown

Went ham at the tequila bar.

Individualized Shirts

Brooklyn Bootworks

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