Even if you think you don’t know Golden Bear you probably do – they’re responsible for partnering with brands – like Unionmade and the BK Circus –  to make some of the most sought after varsity jackets in the past couple of years.  While famous for the varsity, recently, they’ve flexed their non-varsity muscles by creating a line of leather jackets with everyone’s favorite NYC based/ Japanese rooted label, Engineered Garments. Gary Williams, NYC showroom owner who reps Golden Bear, introduced me to the latest piece to come out of the collaboration.

The silhouette of this season’s model is a more contemporary and refined take on a hunting jacket, with ample pockets, including a secret inside pocket where the liner and the outer meet. For a full leather jacket,  this one is surprisingly lightweight, made with a top-grade goatskin suede outer (goatskin being more supple than cowhide), and a liner in a featherweight cotton blend.

So, how did this unlikely partnership begin? Fly fishing. What? Exactly. As Gary tells it, he and EG founder, Daiki Suzuki, have been part of the same fly fishing crew for years when they realized it was about time to collaborate on something.  It seemed an unlikely yet creatively perfect fit as Engineered Garments is known for it’s American heritage inspired outerwear and Golden Bear is just that. So far, I’m impressed with the results. To inquire about the piece, stop by Nepenthes, on 38th street in Manhattan.  – M


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