This season (capsule) worked with Andrea Westerlind to curate Above Tree Line, a “show in show” which featuring outdoors brands including Outlier. Outlier is an NYC company that specializes in tailored clothing for the active urbanite. What does that mean? Essentially, clothing that will hold up as well on a bike or hiking trail as it will in an office or on a date. This ‘soft core’ button down shirt is the latest example of how they mix design with technology to create some of the most innovative products out there.

The shirt is called ‘soft core’ because it’s un-quilted and filled, not with down, but with Primaloft Infinity which is a durable, breathable material made of continuous fibers. This means the fibers lock in heat better, but also don’t poke through the outer fabric.  Because of this, Outlier had the flexibility of making the shell of the shirt from softer materials (vs. the stiff, shiny material most filled garments are made with). The inside is a merino wool, while the outside is made from a lightweight water-repelling fabric, which actually feels more like a cotton blend than anything you’d normally think of as water resistent. Small details like hidden collar buttons and a storm flap finish it off.  The shirt will be available around the end of January at Outlier.cc. – M

  1. Awesome product highlight. Great spotting, Marisa!

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