2011 was a good year for LBM, they celebrated their 100 year anniversary and simultaneously came into their own as an iconic mid-level menswear brand. Over the past year, I’ve heard LBM referred to as a “poor mans’ Boglioli” and seen almost every one of my menswear comrades snag a few blazers and proceed to wear them for weeks, if not months, straight. And all rightfully so. Since last year, my opinion of LBM and Lubiam (parent company) has not changed and if this collection for S/S 2012 is any indication, my opinion will not be changing for quite some time.

This season we see plenty of texture, brought by cotton/linen blends, and color, made unique by LBM’s signature washed treatment which gives each garment a softer silhouette and feel. I’m a fan of the blue DB (above, and I suspect the cobalt blazer will reign king another year) as well as the subtle taupe plaid number (below). In the US, LBMs are notoriously difficult to find, but ACL has posted a great list of stockists that I’ve copied below the photos.

As my good friend Jahn said once, you can always judge the construction of a garment by turning it inside out – if it looks good enough to wear, you know it is quality. In LBM’s case, I can assure you this is the truth. Wear an LBM with the (impeccable) seams showing and you’re bound to get more compliments than for most blazers right-side out. – M

US Stockists:

Rothmans’s – NYC & Scarsdale –
Boyd’s- Philadelphia –
Haberdash Men – Chicago –
Beecroft & Bull – Virginia –
Michael Allen’s – Portland-
Butch Blum – Seattle –
Shaia’s – Birmingham –
Couture – San Francisco –
Badowers – Des Moines –
Damiani – Miami –
M. Penner – Houston –
AK Rikks – Grand Rapids –

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