Holiday Guest List | Jahn Hall

Jahn Hall is the co-founder of Brooklyn Dry Goods, curator of Men’s vintage goods.
(photo: Tucked Style)
1. KikaNY iPad Case Let’s face it.  No one’s going to buy you an iPad, however if you play nice, you may get lucky & score KikaNY’s iPad case.  Hand-made in the Brooklyn Navy Yard & about as bad-ass as an iPad case can get, the one we’re sweating is made of Latigo leather, a leather made piece available for a limited time only (and sadly, no longer available).  With a hand-waxed finish, we’re pretty sure that even your obnoxious friend who stood in line for 6 days to be the first in town to get an iPad and later rubbed it in your face would would approve.
2. Outlier Brushback Chino There was a point in time where the notion of a guy wearing any sort of pants with stretch skeeved us out.  Immediately our minds went to ill-fitting pants with an elastic waist however the folks at Outlier have put out a pant that fits like your favorite chino, looks like a pair of new Carhartt’s & somehow, magically feels like a pair of sweatpants.  Constructed from a Swiss fabric & made in NYC, the Outlier’s Brushback Chino plays up its name with a brushed twill interior making them tons more comfortable than the last pair of pants you passed out in after a night of holiday parties & open bars.
3. Feit Hand-sewn Stitchdown Based on the classic dessert boot, Feit offers up this luxurious, albeit manned-up take on the ubiquitous half boot / half shoe.  Made by just one craftsman, each pair features a Vibram Moreflex sole making them as comfortable as they are easy on the eyes.  Not only that, the hand-made nature of these shoes means they are produced with an even higher oil & fat content making for an even more supple feel.  Sure, these bad boys may not take to winter’s beating too well, however it’ll give you yet another excuse to wish for all the things that come with Spring.  Like drinking outdoors.  While wearing these shoes.
4. Antique Rugs from 1st Dibs Sure, we’re not expecting most folks to shell out $10K on a rug if we can’t rely on ‘em for a $500 iPad, however what’s the point of a wish list without a few wishes you know won’t come true.  Like the time you wished you could marry your 3rd grade teacher.  Like any investment, a good vintage rug, such as this early 20th century Navajo rug (not Urban Outfitter’s “Navajo”, we mean real Navajo) will last your lifetime & will appreciate tons with age.  Sure it’ll set you back a few G’s but you’ll make a ton more when you’re ready to sell it to your cocky nephew who got lucky & made bank on an internet start-up.  Plus, trust us when we say that no one’s wanna’ get freaky with you by the fireplace on that Ikea rug you’ve been dragging around since college.
5. BKLYN Dry Goods x Loren Cronk Kit Bag What holiday wish list would be complete without some sort of shameless self promotion?  BKLYN Dry Goods in 2012!  All kidding aside, we’re pretty keen on our very own Kit Bag made in collaboration with Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based denim head, Loren Cronk.  As rugged as it is handsome (we liken it to say, Clint Eastwood) & made from selvedge antique sugar beet sacks & vintage belts, this edition of twelve is as about as bad-ass as a man tote can get.  The best part?  The bag’s exterior is made from the sugar beet sack’s rubberized interior making it pretty foul-weather friendly, to boot.




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