Holiday Guest List | Andrew Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs works at Context Clothing in Madison, WI. He is originally from South Africa but has since lived near Washington D.C. and now attends the University of Wisconsin.

1. Context Leather Ringer Guitar Strap The Ringer Guitar Strap was designed by my co-worker, Joey Tucci, and is made right here in Madison, WI. It’s made from natural vegetable tan leather, which means it will darken and develop a unique patina over time.

2. Sunny Sports Native Fleece Scarf Sunny Sports is an amazing Japanese brand that uses some of the most interesting patterns and fabrics I’ve ever seen. Plus, if your girl doesn’t like it, take it for yourself!

3. A.P.C. x Carhartt Hickory Stripe Apron I’ve ruined more than one shirt while cooking; it’s time to stop! The quality on this apron is great, I can tell it’s made to take a beating.

4. The Hill-Side Ties  In my mind, one of the most classic menswear gifts. No one does it better than our friends at The Hill-Side.

5. Gitman Brothers Vintage Shirts Fit + Quality + Variety = My favorite shirts!





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