I’ll admit, I went to the Pop Up Flea this weekend with full intentions of doing an overly ambitious, grandiose photo essay. Instead I showed up post-Sierra Nevada and a slice (courtesy Artichoke pizza), and ended up shooting the shit with some of my favorite American craftsmen, bloggers and people. This of course meant photos took a back seat to shaking many hands and generally having a great time – absolutely no regrets.  Still, I thought I’d share what I did end up shooting. Quickly though, here are some of the booths that impressed me this year:

Billy Kirk // Alexander Olch // GitmanVintage // Hickorees // Hodinkee // Danner Boots // Wooden Sleepers //Oak Street Bootmkers // Smith + Butler // Terrapin Stationers // Rancourt & Co

No better time to buy American than the holiday season! – M

Collars and Patterns

Collars and Patterns


Gitman Vintage

The Hodinkee booth


Gant Rugger Pop Over (aka my favorite garment ever) caught in the wild

Scene outside

Jake's Wolverine 1000 Miles and Justin's Oxblood Pony Hair Doc Martens

bloggers papping bloggers papping bloggers

Mister CB

Ryan Plett, in situ

Token pocket square moment courtesy jhilla


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