Barbour x To Ki To.  Is there really anything more to say?

Well, no. But humor me: Usually I’m pretty persnickety about covering things I’ve never seen in person, but there are some exceptions, and this collaboration is always one of them. Barbour and Japanese designer Tokihito both have impeccable track records and together they’ve produced an impressive collection for several seasons now.  The functional details and architectural nature of the collaboration give way to a well executed, sophisticated blend of modern and traditional, putting each piece in a category of Caborn-like artistry. Not a bad category to be in.

I’m particularly fond of the half placket front closures and oversized hoods featured this season. Beautiful yet useful as can be – not a bad choice for urbanites who struggle to find outerwear that does it’s job without making one look like a banker or detracting from what’s beneath.  If anything, a Barbour x To Ki To will likely up-stage anything else you could possibly be wearing, but that’s really not a something I’d consider a problem.

The entire collection is on pre-order at Number Six, where you will also find more images and details of each piece. Sincere apologies in advance for any brain or heart spasms that might result.  –  M

// Barbour x To Ki To at Number Six

One Response to “COLLECTION | BARBOUR x TO KI TO A/W ’11”
  1. Joy says:

    I apologize for not finding your blog way sooner. It's absolutely fantastic and totally up my alley.

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