This week’s GiltManual Minute brings us the thrill of a cheeky sartorial dual: menswear legend and street style icon Nick Wooster vs. GiltMan Style Director and street style ‘rival’, Josh Peskowitz.  Two men. Two arsenals of choice threads.  One steezy survivor.

Well, kind of. In the end (spoil alert!) they shake hands and talk suits with GiltMan creative director, Tyler Thoreson. Still it’s a (geeky) joy to see them face off hombre a hombre.  Speaking of facing off, I was especially preoccupied with their differing tie and shoe choices (commented upon below). Both are details that can vastly change and personalize an otherwise standard get-up, and the juxtaposition of these two gents shows that off well. For more of where this came from, check out all the other GiltManual Minute shorts and a few other Pesko x Wooster shots from this week on my Tumblr. – M

Ties: Pesko goes the loud and patterned route, while Wooster rocks an unusual chameleon-like approach.
Shoes: These loafers on Pesko are subtle but but just detailed enough to say ‘I’m clearly the man’.
Shoes: Wooster opts to draw more attention to his feet with these spankin’ white brogues.
All together now: Pesko’s shoe and tie combo lets the paisley do all the talking, while Wooster draws out the lighter tones of his upper half with a bright and snappy footwear option.
All around, some well balanced duds. Truce, gents.
  1. unitedstyle says:

    Not sure how tall Wooster is, but the short pants work against his stockiness making him look shorter and wider.

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