Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Bastin, lead designer of Gant Rugger as well as Douglas Geller, Gant’s head of marketing, at Epaulet‘s Orchard Street shop. Over a delicious Cheerwine-induced buzz, we discussed karaoke, the joys of a Porkslap IPA and their excitement over releasing this pre-fall video.  After seeing it today, I can echo their love for it.  Inspired by 50’s era etiquette videos, the tongue-in-cheek narrative (from which we’ll all have our favorite quote) and nostalgic ‘crackle-pop’ cinematic style charmingly tease out the playfulness of the collection, all while framing the kind of traditional beauty that Gant Rugger embodies.

Speaking of beauty, I’m also taking this opportunity to feature the Gant Rugger Cricket Sweater which makes cameos in the look book and the above video.

I had the chance to meet this notable item in person at Epaulet and while it’s lovely to behold, the true selling point is how buttery soft it is. The sweater is made from a (mostly cottton) cotton/acrylic/poly blend, and it is – I can’t stress this enough – one of the most satisfyingly plush items of clothing I’ve ever come into contact with.

Sure, it’ll be many-a-moon till the weather gets colder, but the weight and feel of this sweather makes it a perfect option for when the temperature dips in the spring and it’s sure to fit right in with your layers in the fall. So, as the video says, use your smarts to look smart, gents and don’t pass this one up. – M


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