In the past weeks, most likely due to the popularity of Every Day Carry, I was inspired to do some digging in the way of pocket knives.  Prior to this search I had developed a general philosophy that a man’s pocket knife reveals more about a him than almost anything else he owns. Whether or not he carries it with him regularly, which I absolutely think he should, I always find it fascinating how much these handy tools reflect their owners, much like a pet might.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, I came to realize that one’s search for the perfect knife demands a fairly intensive consideration process. First, there are the various features the piece, (how many blades? does it house a hidden tooth pic? A bottle opener? or is it one simple blade?), the design and materials, (classic or modern? carbon or stainless? wood or bone?) and finally the size, (fit to slay a rhino or an apple?).

As you might expect, I uncovered a huge array of options but in the end I narrowed my search to the classic, small sized, hand crafted variety which so artfully blend materials, design and functionality. I’ve had quite the time researching this post, and in the process developed a great appreciation for these functional, illusive little artifacts. Dwelling on pretty cutlery has been a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I hope you enjoy the selection below as much as I did collecting it.  – M

1. Opinel Pocket Knife

Handle: Beechwood
Blade: Carbon steel
Size: 7 5/8″ (open)
$12.00 at Archival Clothing
(Thx Daniel for the tip)

2. Laguiole en Aubrac Juniper Handle Stainless Steel

Handle: Juniper
Blade: One, Stainless Steel
Length:  3.54″ (closed)
82.00 Euro at Laguiole 

3. Orvis Clip Folder Knife,

Handle: Rosewood 
Blade: One, Steel (assumed as it is not in the description) 
Length: 5″ (closed)
$119.00 at Orvis  

4. W.R. Case & Sons Medium Stockman Knife

Handle: Amber Bone
Blade: Three, Surgical Steel
Size: 3 3/5″ (closed)
$49.99 at Tractor Supply Co.

5. Boker Cinch Knife

Handle: Polypropylene
Blade: One, Carbon steel 
Size: 3 5/8″ (closed)
$29.95 at Boker

6. Schrade Gunstock Trapper Two Blade

Handle: Red Pick Bone
Blade: Two, Stainless Steel
Length: 3 7/8″ (closed)
$14.28 at Amazon

7. Bulldog Brand Sunfish Blue Corn Cob Bone (1 of 50 produced)
Handle: Blue Corn Cob Bone
Blade: Two, Surgical Steel
Length:  4″ (closed) 
$99.99 at Parker’s Knife Collector

8. Self Edge Haught Inlaid Pocket Knife

Handle: Inlaid hard wood and natural stones
Blade: Two, Stainless Steel
Length: 4″ (closed), 7.2″ (open)
$80.00 at Self Edge (in assorted patterns & lengths)
(Thx Jose for the tip)

9. Mcusta Sakura LMC 1201D, Limited Collectors Edition

Handle: Cocobolo wood 
Blade: Stainless Steel 
Length: One, 4 1/4″ (closed) 
$320.00 at Mucusta

10. Marlin Spike Knife

Handle: Bone
Blade: One, plus marlin spike, Stainless steel
Length: 4 1/2″ (closed)
$104.00 at CXXVI
(Thx Matt for the tip, and to the Anon who called out an error in the description – since revised)

11. Messer Anchor Knife
Handle: Wood
Blade: One, Stainless steel
Length: approx. 4″, blade is 2 1/2″ long
$39.70 at Garrett Wade

11. Leatherman Lagrima de Luna Multitool, Argentum 25th Anniversary ed.

Handle: Sterling Silver

  • Scissors 
  • Tweezers 
  • File 
  • Knife Edge 
  • Large flat screwdriver 
  • Small flat screwdriver 
  • Microflat-blade screwdriver 
  • Skewer 
  • Cap lifter Key ring

Length: 2″ (closed)
$250 at Leatherman
(Thx Johnny for the tip)

  1. Some really cool knives here! I have been collecting pocket knives for some years now and I never get bored of seeing new (and old!) designs. It’s really quite addicting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. tan3724 says:

    Marisazupa, you did a great job. Thanks for letting us know about this list of pocket knives as I will also collect some of your mentioned knives. There was a history of falling love into pocket knives– when I was 10 years old my father gave me a knife as my birthday gift. I enjoyed very much with my knife, I did many things such as eating apples, cutting paper etc. But unfortunately I lost that knife.I like every knife according to it’s design, function, balance, weight etc.

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