The fellas at Graham Withers Clothing Co. impress yet again with this new line of neckwear, bow ties included, for spring and summer.  As you would expect from Graham Withers, the designs are clean and classic, letting the top notch fabrics shine through unencumbered.  This line is in a seasonally appropriate range of linens, cottons, light flannel, with seersucker making a quick cameo as well. There’s a nice balance of patterns and colorways this time too, and all sourced sourced primarily from the US. Each piece is hand made here in NYC, with the (joking) exception of one, which I challenge you to find in the delightfully cheeky product descriptions. This isn’t the whole story though, be on the lookout for some pocket squares and a look book in the coming weeks. If this collection is any indication, we’re in for a treat. – M

Graham Withers Chesterfield Tie

Graham Withers Kingsley Tie
Graham Withers Boat Keeper Bow Tie (front side)
Graham Withers Boat Keeper Bow Tie (reverse side)
Graham Withers Mongibello Seersucker Tie
Graham Withers DG Bow Tie
  1. Graham Withers ties are superb. I received one as a gift and I love it. Good work.Bests,

  2. M says: Indeed, so many good things coming from those two. Really, really looking forward A/W. Thanks for reading! Cheers,M

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