Epaulet Club Collar Shirt in Oxford Blue

So, yesterday morning I woke up and realized with horror that I’d never written a proper post about Epaulet and resolved to remedy the situation ASAP. Ideally, I’d write about some super epic and phenomenal Epaulet item, but honestly everything they do fits that bill. I’ve been led to believe this after about four years of having my socks wow-ed off by everything they do.

I’m fortunate that the proprietors, Mike & Adele, opened the first Epaulet location in 2008 just blocks from my apartment as it’s afforded me the great pleasure of watching the shop and line grow over time. Shirting was their first in-house offering and it is as impressive today as on day one, if not more so. I thought it fitting, then, that their first staple item should be the topic for this first dedicated post.

Epaulet Club Collar Shirt

This season they’ve introduced some gutsier fabrics, including a mashup tartan number (below), that I’m very fond of. Not to worry though, the classics are all still accounted for, including some beautifully appointed club collars (above) and even a couple of french cuff options. As their website will tell you, all Epaulet shirts are hand crafted in small batches here in the US of A with painstaking attention to detail. I can vouch for the resulting quality as I’ve owned three.

Epaulet Tartan Mashup Shirt

More styles are below the jump, and each photo clicks through to Epaulet’s storefront where you’ll notice the details on each shirt are incredibly thorough. While you’re there, make sure to take stock of the full range of Epaulet goods, as the line now includes the best pants made anywhere and certainly in NYC (hands down), knits, neck wear, and collaborations with Alden, Gitman Brothers, and Thorogood. If you’re in the city, a visit to one of the Epaulet boutiques – in Brooklyn or Manhattan – is a must. Whatever you purchase or whichever store you visit, there is a 100% possibility that Epaulet is sure to impress. – M

Epaulet Men’s Button Down Oxford Collar Shirts
Epaulet Steel Gingham Dress Shirt
Epaulet Point Collar Shadow Dot Shirt
Japanese Madras Short Sleeved Shirt

Epaulet Navy Stripe French Cuff Shirt
Epaulet Greycast Indigo Chambray Utility Shirt
Men’s Slim Point Black Tartan Flannel Shirt
(not springy but what the hey, it’s a beautiful shirt)
  1. unitedstyle says:

    That black tartan is my favorite of the bunch.

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