A WEEK’S SVPPLY | No. 03: FEB 19 – FEB 25

Things that caught my eye this week, (from left to right):

  1. Eland Pants, Wood Wood
    I had the pleasure of checking these pants out last time I was in Denmark and can report that they’re incredibly soft, well made and come in a ton of colors. I’ll admit they’re a unique fit – very generous up top and tapered at the ankles – but I find it refreshing; somehow they just work.
  2. Hunting Overshirt, YMC
    Indigo dyed cotton with tan leather elbow patches. Plus contrast buttons of any kind really get me, especially when fully buttoned, and this shirt does it particularly well.
  3. Tote, Chester Wallace
    Hand made in Portland by a dude. Apparently, the inspiration for this bag was to have something big enough to carry two six packs.  I’m sure it does that very well, but it also just looks mighty fine.  These come in a huge amount of colorways, too, makes me want four.
  4. Herringbone Necktie, Ernest Alexander
    There’s everything to love about a good herringbone/plaid combo.  Especially if it’s hand made in NYC, which this one is.
  5. Crosby Shoe, Common People
    Most shoes of this ilk can come off as kind of clunky, but these manage to be elegant. They look like they could be the best spring shoe ever and comfy as slippers.  Complete steal, at about $100/£85.
  6. MacBook Pro Sleeve, Charbonize
    Obligatory nod to the most talked about product this week. This is an Etsy find unearthed by my coworker Mara. It’s wool, leather and can be monogrammed. $67 is a better price than whatever Jake Spade nonsense most people are buying.
  7. MK II Vantage Watch for Epaulet
    This came out a month ago, but somehow I just found it last week. MKII is a Swiss watch manufacturer that made this especially for Epaulet in BK/LES. It’s a ‘real’ watch (read: not just a pretty Timex) so it’s pricey, but very reasonable given other watches of its kind.
  8. Shopper Tote, Common Projects
    Just a simple leather tote for spring. It’s got well situated pockets inside, too. Made in Italy, found via Selectism.
  9. Coaches Jacket, McNairy for Run Of The Mill
    While the rest of the world was focused on the ROTM double monks, I was quite taken with this jacket. Described as “a less rugged take on the classic Barbour jacket”, I like it for its understated-ness. Color is great for spring and/or fall, too.

Clearly, gray and tan were out in full force on the internet this week (or maybe it was just me?). I’ve also noticed things took a turn from rugged to finished, (or at least a little more finished). A very, very welcome change and one which is reflected in this week’s collection. Way to grow up a bit, interwebs, more of that please. – M

Found after posting: Looks like Bill Cunningham also noticed the gray and tan palette this week on the street. Funny how that works. 

One Response to “A WEEK’S SVPPLY | No. 03: FEB 19 – FEB 25”
  1. unitedstyle says:

    Yeah, walked by Banana Republic yesterday and they have a bunch of stuff with tan and gray, aside from their usual khakis.

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