A WEEK’S SVPPLY | No. 02: FEB. 14 – FEB. 18

Things that caught my eye this week: (from left to right)
  1. Terry Fleece Hoodie, Left Field NYC
    Gold. Zipper. Need I say more.
  2. Blue Oxford Popover, Gant Rugger
    Popovers can either be very, very right or very, very wrong. This one of course is of the former category, and they just came in at Epaulet for you NYers that want a closer look.
  3. New Amsterdam Oxford Derby, Marc McNairy
    I’m generally skeptical of McNairy, but the playfulness of these just won me over.  Not over the top either. Very nice.
  4. Blastivo Jacket, Billionaire Boys Club
    Speaking of over the top, this jacket is so wonderfully insane that it must be recognized merely for existing. Warning: For super advanced players only – I could see the Kissi’s and the Gumbs’ of the world pulling it off and not many others. It will be available in the US March 1st. Mark your cals, daring sirs.
  5. Field Watch, Timex for Club Monaco
    Simple, classic, cheap. I am happy to call this watch mine w/ nothing to complain about. It’s $50 at Club Monaco or you can get the non-Monaco version at Kmart for $40. (h/t to Jonathan for that smart find).
  6. Denim and Floral Tie, The General Knot
    This is my favorite tie of the moment. It is just one of the very many fantastic ties GK has in store right now and this week they just dropped a lovely selection of bow ties too. Newly in love with this company.
  7. Bretton T-Shirt, Paul Smith
    Stripey, springy goodness. Could imagine it would provide a nice touch layered under a button down and a worn denim jacket.
  8. Vercors Cartigan, Sixpack France
    I feel like a nice cotton shawl collar is hard to come by, and this one looks like it’s a winner. I don’t know much about the company, but they make this John Lennon T-shirt too, which gives them points.
  9. Rockwool Vest, Penfield
    Sure, this is a fall piece, but it’s probably on sale and if you need a down vest Penfield is a solid option. Also, check out their S/S lookbook if you like sailing or jackets or both.

This time around I ended up with kind of a schizophrenic collection – not surprising given the nature of my week. But, I’m wholeheartedly embracing the ‘all over the place-ness’…all the way to the bar. Cheers, it’s a three day weekend. – M

**Editor’s Note**
If you’re asking, ‘what is A Week’s Svpply?’
peep the week one post and an explanation here.


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