Made proudly in America by Heritage Leather Company for Wood&Faulk.
Size: 20in x 6in x 16in, Weight: 5.5 lbs.

This bag is only $85. I repeat: This bag is only 85 bucks.

If the picture and the price tag aren’t reason enough, here are some details: The Carpenter bag features No.10 cotton canvas with top grain moccasin leather bottom,  saddle-leather handles and straps, plus steel d-rings sewn into the handles, so you can add your own strap. It certainly appears sturdy enough for tools, but from the looks of it the bag has serious potential to translate well for the functionally-minded urbanite. The shape and colorway make it an especially nice option as a spring weekender.

The piece is part of a private label created by Wood & Faulk, a Seattle based project that documents one man’s experiment in craft, woodworking and style. The W&F line is made in partnership with the Heritage Leather Company, a leather and work wear supply company, which crafts all their goods in America.

Whether or not the bag strikes your fancy, I suggest you check out the Wood & Faulk site.  Mike, the man behind the project, runs one of the best blogs I’ve had the pleasure to stumble across. I spent 40 minutes on it today and learned about everything from one man’s vintage Barbour, to how to re-furbish a kitchen, to a really fantastic band called The Middle East.  Did I mention the bag is only 85 dollars? Hurrah for creative, crafty, stylish people.  – M

  1. Andrew Payne says:

    Such great things from Wood & Faulk- I went right to their site and ordered a bag after reading your post. Really nice blog too.Cheers to you TSO

  2. M says:

    Hey Andrew, I'm happy I could tip you off to a great bag, (and W&K). Let me know how the bag goes! Also, just made the connection between you and Gen Knot. Can't tell you how much I appreciate what you guys are doing right now. Thanks for stopping by TSO!

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