Oh, Moxy Creative, will you ever let us down? Probably not and that’s ok. You might have seen my previous two posts on Moxy’s other style inspired posters, (menswear and musicians) both of which got a very nice shout out on Apartment Therapy this week.  Anyway, this latest series is as great as the last two and deserving of its own little feature.  At this point as long as Moxy keeps making these posters I will keep blogging about them so here’s to many more series to come. Get them here and See them all after the jump.
– M 

Caption: Andy Warhol is perhaps one of the few people in history who successfully turned their very existence into a work of art; and just as art endures over time, so too has his iconic look. Warhol was that rare breed of artist that truly saw the world through different eyes, and almost always that creative worldview was filtered through a seriously stylish pair of frames.
Caption: Perpetual ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Johnny Depp has always been known for his progressive style, and although his looks may change faster than the characters he portrays in his films, these glasses are more often than naught part of the ensemble. Substantial, yet subtle, these glasses reflect the man that wears them, in possession of a style all his own.
Caption: Gandhi, without a doubt the poorest man to make any iconic style list; and just as he was a man of simple means, the glasses he donned on the daily were elegantly minimalist. Belying clarity and intelligence, these simple wire frames are a testament to the fact that it is the man too, who makes the clothes.
Caption: As surely as George Bush hates black people, Kanye West loves a fashion statement. Indeed, the so-called ‘Shutter Shade’ made so ubiquitous by Mr. West proves that function need not preclude fashion; and even if this one turns up in the annals of fashion history under a “What were they thinking?” banner, those of us that were there can surely answer, “Damn, I look good.”
Caption: One of the most revered designers of all time, Yves Saint Laurent demonstrated a deeper understanding of aesthetic when he said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” This could be no truer than when looking at the man himself, a veritable icon of style. The man understood that even a simple pair of black frames can inform who we are, and more importantly, who we want to be.

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