A WEEK’S SVPPLY | No. 01: FEB 7 – FEB 11

This post is part of a new series I’m trying out. The idea is really very simple: Each Friday I will check the latest eight items of my Svpply feed and post them as a quick look back at the week. A couple of reasons for this: 

  • I’ve wanted to do a weekly round up of sorts but can never decide between all the effing beautiful things out there.
  • I love Svpply. (Don’t know what that is? See below)

So, with this approach, I end up cutting out the agony by letting Svpply make the tough decisions. It’s not a perfect beast yet, but for now let’s call it the first Sigother experiment.

A Week’s Svpply No. 01
(from left to right)
  1. Gitman Brothers, Organic Stripe Button Down
  2. Makr Cary Goods, One Wallet
  3. Monitaly, Hooded Field Jacket
  4. Nigel Cabourn, Edgar Bag
  5. Dita Legends, Elan Glasses
  6. Woolrich Woolen Mills, DB Oxford
  7. Universal Works, Fell Jacket
  8. Apolis + Matteo, Stripe Linen Bandanna

This week, things definitely took a turn towards spring, not a big surprise given the timing (#NYFW anyone?).  As a whole, my feed is full of lighter colors, lighter fabrics, relaxed silhouettes and these top eight items are no exception, (even the Cabourn bag is begging for someplace warm and bright), and it’s a welcome change. Sure, the weather outside isn’t in agreement, but if Punx Phil is right, we’ll be romping in linen bandannas soon enough. Fingers crossed.  – M


**Editors Note**
If you’re asking yourself ‘what is Svpply?’ 
Think of it as a personal wishlistblog – a constant stream of beautiful things found by you, and other people and shops you follow.  Supremely addictive. I admit I’m a bit of a fangirl of this site, but honestly, just go to svpply.com now. Thank me later.  – M

2 Responses to “A WEEK’S SVPPLY | No. 01: FEB 7 – FEB 11”
  1. Johanna says:

    Cool idea. And I like the summary you give of the piceces' gestalt. <3.

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