The Nike Air Royal Mid comes in two colorways, black & wine each with leather uppers, white contrast stitching & white mid-soles. A perforated Swoosh marks them as Nikes. $150 at

Sure, this post is kind of apropos of nothing and yes, I am more than a bit behind the game on these considering they debuted in 2009. But who cares. Look at them. They’re spectacular. They need to be revisited.

I found these these while doing my sneaker homework on, and realized I was looking at a perfect love child of classic and street. And I so here I stand, seduced. While they’re definitely not snow ready, they’ll do the trick for the dry times of a colder season and, if the customer reviews are true, they get points for durability.  Also, they’re Nikes? Who knew?

Both have black outsoles &
burgundy patterned laces held by gold eyelets
on the wine pair and silver on the black.

Quick aside: The cult of the sneaker has recently peaked my curiosity. I find it to be the antithesis of what usually attracts me – functional, classic, sustainable, small brand – which isprobably why I’m intrigued. The whole ‘buy a pair of $300+ kicks and keep them in a plastic box in your closet for 20 years’ thing? Mystifying, yet I’m fascinated.  As sneakers go, this pair is decidedly more subdued, but they’ve whet my appetite none the less.

Anyway, below you’ll find a freshly inspired [In Context] and pics after the jump. I could definitely get the hang of this sneaker thing…  – M

PS. I don’t profess to know much (read: anything) in the way of Nikes, but if you do, I’d love some impressions from an aficionado’s perspective.

Nike Air Royal Mid QS + Other choice things
Nike Air Royal Mid QS
Mackintosh x Kitsuné London Jacket
Tellason John Graham Mellor Selvedge Denim
Fred Segal Bd Baggies Foundry Button Down
Henry Vibskov V-Scarf in Green
Need Supply Chunky Knit Cap
Wings + Horns Black Cashmere Cardigan
Uniform Wares 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch
Makr Canvas Fold Weekender Bag

Click ‘Jump’ for more pics

  1. tipo87 says:

    Hello, I can fill you in on any necessary sneakerhead knowledge!

  2. M says:

    Thanks Tipo, that would be tops. I say, next time we're in NYC at the same time (ha) we should carve out some time to check out your collection. I've been dying for a neon fix anyway.

  3. Len says:

    These are the Nikes for people who can't stand Nikes. I'm a recovering sneakerhead – grew up finding "rare" adidas (rare is relative to your budget). These are for the guys like me who've sorta outgrown the overtly loud sneakers and never liked the Nike cuts (they make your feet look clunky and the swoosh is just obnoxious). Now we're into subtlety and more brandless shoes (chukkas, adidas SLVR, Gourmet).

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