Photo via The Selvedge Yard
Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of attending the debut event for the Levi’s Photo Workshop at 10 Wooster St. in NYC (yep, that’s the old Deitch space). It is the second Levi’s endavor of its kind, the first one being a print shop located in San Francisco. These ‘workshops’ are a bit like an evolved version of a pop-up and, to be fair, far more sophisticated than your average concept store. In Levi’s words: 

The Levi’s Photo Workshop is here as a resource for the photographers of New York City. Whether it’s to take classes, rent cameras, stock up on film, make stupid faces in our photo booth with your best guy or gal or just to pop in and see what’s being shot in our studio space, the Workshop will be all things to all photographers, be they point-and-shooters or professionals.

Photo via The Selvedge Yard

The opening event was the place to be and the crowd it drew was a sight to be seen. Packed, undulating and sweaty as it was, the place was bright and buzzing with plenty of points of interest and activities for everyone.  I spent most of my time lingering round the T-shirt printing station run by the great folks at Zazzle, which I’m pretty sure stole the show, for who wouldn’t want a T-shirt of themselves shirtlessly wielding a chainsaw? (Yes, that happened.)

Both the NYC and San Fran workshops were orchestrated with great finesse by Swiss-army-knife Michael Ventura and his no-job-too-big shop, Sub Rosa.  With Levi’s they’ve made some pretty awesome magic and there are plenty of events and exhibitions coming up so I strongly, vehemently recommend stopping by for one of them.  – M

Photo via The Selvedge Yard

Photo via The Selvedge Yard

Photo via Tokyohana

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