Another fantastic video by the producer/director duo, Tom Rand and Brennan Stasiewicz. You might know them from the craftsmanship video series over at The Scout. This time they take us backstage for the Gant by Michael Bastian presentation in NYC. The video captured the whimsical, charming, and I’d say, best side of the collection, which is quickly shaping up to be seminal one for Gant.

The actual presentation itself took on a decidedly more classic, cinematic feel than the locker room inspired Fall collection, but I still don’t think the styling quite did the collection justice.  I’ve been more impressed by actual pieces up-close-and-personal than I was upon being introduced through the presentation.  Most successful were the ensembles that revolved around a structured piece, like the shawl collar jacket + bow tie get up (below), versus this dandy-meets-jock-meets-JFK, Jr get up, which fell short in my eyes.

Still, I am very impressed by the mature progression that took place over just one season, so I implore you Mr. Bastian to keep evolving past the bath sandal. – M

Shirt. Found.
F/W 2010  <— versus —>  S/S 2011

More shots of the S/S collection after the jump.


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